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Amor Silk Original IPL Handset

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✨ Clinically proven laser technology

🎀 Adjustable intensity levels for personalized comfort

💌 Compact and easy-to-use design

 With Amor Silk Original IPL Handset, you'll never have to worry about unwanted hair again. Start seeing a reduction of hair regrowth as early as 3-5 treatments.

Why should you use this handset for your next hair removal session?

Permanently Removes Hair - Gradually get softer, thinner, and eventually hair-free skin in just a couple of sessions as this handset eliminates hair from its roots.

Gentle Full Body Sessions - Experience a painless whole body hair removal, including upper lips, chin, legs, arms, underarms, bikini line, and Brazilian.

Eliminates Hair at Home - Conveniently do your treatments in the comfort of your own home with the light energy from intense pulse light, absorbed by the melanin in the hair, which then turns to heat and destroys the hair cells.

One-time Purchase - Get up to six years of use-life with its 500,000 flashes. No refills are needed.

Time to ditch your salon appointments, tweezers, and razors. Save yourself from inconveniences and replace them with a comfortable and permanent hair removal solution.

Get your Advanced IPL Hair Removal Device today and experience hair-free skin!


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International: 5-12 Business Days

Return policy

We're proud to offer a risk-free 30 day money-back guarantee. Not happy? No problem! Just follow our money-back guarantee protocol to receive a full refund.

How It Works

The Amor Silk IPL device uses intense pulsed light technology capable of targeting unwanted hairs at the root and destroying them with powerful pulses of light

Is it Safe?

Absolutely! There have been a number of studies around the world proving the safety and effectiveness of IPL for hair removal. Your Amor Silk handset has been FCC, CE and RoHS certified for safe use. UV rays are filtered, ensuring you never face any long-term complications.

Care Instructions

We recommend shaving the areas you wish to treat before using your Amor Silk handset.

Gentle. Smooth. Long-lasting.

Extremely effective & Skin friendly

Up to 96% of hair falls out, and new growth slows down significantly . After a full treatment cycle (6-8 weeks). Completely pain-free Lumea Advanced does not damage or irritate the skin. Forget about ingrown hairs, rashes and dry skin.

How Amor Silk IPL Works

IPL stands for "Intense Pulsed Light". This is a technology that uses warm, soft light to put the hair into the resting phase. This stimulates the hair to detach from the root. Repeated treatments gradually prevent the hair from growing back. This keeps your skin beautiful, hair-free and noticeably smooth.

Why over 25,000 customers choose Amor Silk

  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee or your money back.
  • Works On Any Body Part
  • Pain-free, Safe & gentle
  • Full body treatment in just 45 min
  • 500,000 flashes (Lasts 10+ years)
  • Easy to Use & eliminates ingrown hairs

How to Use Amor Silk Laser

1- Remove hair with a razor.

2- Connect your Amor Silk device to the power supply.

3- Start zapping your hair away.

Suits Most Skin Colors

  • Clinical-grade technology that is certified for safe and effective.
  • Use anywhere - in the underarms, legs, thighs, bikini line, face, neck, shoulders, and back.

Try It 30 Days Risk-Free Today

If you are not satisfied with the product, we offer a 30-day product satisfaction guarantee on all Amor Silk products.

  • Get smooth silky skin

  • Smooth skin even in sensitive areas

  • Painless, safe and gentle

  • Get rid of ingrown hairs

Say goodbye to unwanted hair

The Amor Silk IPL handset gently heats your hair follicle at the core, effectively inhibiting the growth of the follicle after just 4 weeks of treatments performed just once a week.